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Backlinks - SEO StrategyBacklinks which may also be known by many as inbound links, are links from another website to yours. Typically, these are one way links with no exchange. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other search engines rank sites based on many factors. One of those is backlinks!

Typically, sites with a lot of high valued backlinks will rank higher, but, there needs to be a balance. Quality content is also something the search engines look for. This content should be compelling enough to mark you as an authority on the subject material. With the combination of quality content and a great backlink strategy, you are well on your way to ranking better online!

A wise man once used the analogy that backlinks can be viewed as votes. When a website places a backlink to you on their site, it is like a vote stating your content is valuable to other users seeking that subject material. Essentially, the more votes one gets, the higher they rank, and win!

Search Engines & Backlinks

It is known that Google’s original PageRank algorithm used backlinks as their foundation for ranking websites. Even after all the changes in Google’s algorithm over the years, the original foundation of backlinks still make a massive impact on page rank.

Yahoo and Bing and other search engines, like Google, are always looking for quality compelling content to feed their search engines. The more compelling your content the better. With a quality backlink strategy in place, your site’s compelling content can be found that much easier.

It does not stop with the main search engines, backlinking affects your Alexa Ranking. This is your overall ranking based on Domain Authority and Traffic. There are a lot of factors that go into your Alexa Ranking so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Backlinking takes a lot of time and energy, most of which many business owners don’t have time to do themselves. You also need to consider the types of sites you are having link back to you as well as whether they meet with search engine standards. One site with 10,000 links is not necessarily better off than one with just 100. If the 100 website backlinks each carry a high domain authority of at least 80 and the 10,000 have a DA of 10 or less, you are just wasting your time with the 10,000.

3 Key Factors

1. The Keyword / Keyword Phrases we are targeting
Your website uses keywords or phrases in it’s SEO strategy which determines the W5H of our backlink strategy. That is the Who What Where When Why and How. A lot of backlinks are based on sites that accommodate and support these keywords or keyword phrases within their content.

2. The URL’s we want to expose through the backlinking
Your site is filled with different pages, but just which ones provide you the best opportunity for sales? Well, these are the pages we want to use in the back linking strategy. Pages that sell are more valuable to you as they will begin to rank in the search engines. This will then increase the opportunity for traffic – sales – profit.

3. Your Social Presence!
Perhaps your Facebook page is valuable or perhaps your Instagram feed is amazing. Do you provide tutorial videos on YouTube? We want to know! These things become factors in the overall strategy of backlinking because the direction of focus needs to be precise.

Yes, we are a bit different when it comes to what you may see with others who offer backlinking services. We believe that integrating your online assets is more powerful than each working independently.

Our Backlinking plans are simple.

They All Include:
– Manual Link Building, no automation.
– Up to 90 DA (domain authority) links created
– White Hat SEO Backlink Strategy
– Detailed Excel Report To Show Backlink Site

Straight Forward Pricing!

50 High DA Links                     $150.00 +gst

100 High DA Links                   $250.00 +gst

250 High DA Links                   $400.00 +gst

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