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TutoringWe are offering Internet Tutoring which focusses on how to use the internet safely. This service is geared to our valued generation before us; 55+. Technology has moved faster than many could ever learn. The basics can be a challenge and we are donating our time to assist those who need a little help with the proper use of the internet. Yes, there are good/safe ways, and bad/dangerous ways to use the internet.

We also help with how to identify scams and remain safe at all times online.

This service is strictly for our valued generation (55+) so if your parents, someone you know, or an older friend needs assistance with safe internet use, let us know!

Our tutoring is a first come first serve basis. We will have specific time slots available each week for our donation of time.

Is this Tutoring Service Free?

Yes, this is a FREE donated time service to help bridge the technology gap for our valued generation! In person only available right now in the Lloydminster, AB/SK area.

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