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FVWD Enterprises Ltd. - Web Security UpdatesOn this page, you will find examples of FAKE and SCAM Emails you may receive in your inbox. NEVER click on any link in an email where you do not know the sender personally or unless you 100% trust the sender’s email address. That is usually the tell tale sign, but even still, no reputable company will ever ask you to login from a live link to verify your account, password or any login details. If you ever have a concern, you can contact the company in question but if visiting their website, always open a new tab and enter their web address manually, meaning type it in yourself. Never used a pre-created link from any email.

Web Security Updates….. 

Sample Scam Email using Control Panel to gain access to your hosting, website and email system.


The Subject Line from the email below is:

[Ticket ID:OPL-271-SDThz4YtyLKY] IMPORTANT: You have  1 or more new messages for Your fraservalleywebdesign.ca  Account Might Be Suspended!

We have received tons of these type of emails and they all come from a wide variety of masked emails. This email is such a scam but it preys on the uninformed individual who does not know any better. If you have concerns about an email such as this, be sure to ask your web developer or your hosting company.

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