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FVWD Enterprises provides WordPress Maintenance Plans so if your website is using WordPress, this is for you! It is EXTREMELY important to keep your WordPress platform including software and plugins up to date.

Why Have a WordPress Maintenance Plan You Might Ask?

– It fixes bugs that may have arisen,  and the developer has fixed
– It provides you with updated functionality of the plugin with sometimes amazing upgraded features.
– Most importantly, it increases security on your website.

Developers need to keep up with security protocols and correct potential vulnerabilities in their software so that would be hackers can’t hack into your website or have one heck of a hard time trying to. Having a professional maintain your WordPress website can prevent potential vulnerabilities from being exposed to these hackers. Our WordPress Maintenance provides you the peace of mind that your website presence is being maintained and all software is being updated when required. Security updates to protect your website from vulnerabilities hackers may find are implemented regularly with a maintenance plan.

I Have a SSL On My Website, So My Website is Safe from Hackers Right?

No. A SSL is only for communication between your website, emails, and servers. It does not protect against hacks and vulnerabilities in software. A SSL masks and encrypts information being communicated from your server to the website, and website to server. Please refer to our SSL article here!

Can You Do Your Own WordPress Maintenance?

Essentially yes, you could. HOWEVER, understanding the way your software works and what to update and when to do it is something you may not know without spending a few years doing what we do. Understanding how a website is built affects certain software updates and may include subtle changes to your website with new updates. Like many things, it may seem simple, but, when things go wrong they really go wrong. Instead of having a complete website rebuild expense, we encourage our clients to utilize a maintenance plan. Peace of Mind is priceless.

WordPress Support Plan 3: This Plan is a 6 Month Minimum contract due to the SEO Aspect included.

We do offer WordPress Maintenance e-Commerce support plans also but each is customized based on the specific website being maintained. Contact Us for an evaluation / pricing.

Our WordPress support plans are flexible and can be customized to include additional content updates. We encourage everyone to make sure their WordPress website is always updated and secure. If you have questions about the services above or wish to sign up for one of our plans, please contact us today!

WordPress Maintenance – SEO Combination Plans

Our combination plans that were very popular with past clients as it kept their website active in the search engines are still available but have changed. Like most things tech, evolution has happened and we offer different services in replacement of our original service. Please inquire if you are looking for some very basic SEO with Maintenance each month. Thanks.

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